Why Learn French With Us?

Learn French Your Way, The Right Way And You Can Be Speaking French Like A Native In No Time!

We understand that you aim to master French in the least time and most effective way. Hence, we can pave the way to your success by having these:

A Proven Teaching Methodology

We utilize a proprietary method to teach French Language to young learners, which aids in the effectiveness in picking up the language quickly. Learning from experienced French teachers can assist to correct your mistakes on the spot and save you time and money. Each lesson will become more interesting as you progress and get more familiar with the nuances of the language.

Professional And Dedicated Teachers

Learning French can be easier by relating it another language that you already know, like English, in which our teachers are proficient in as well. Our French teachers are not just native speakers who have excelled academically, they have international exposure and will be able to bring broader perspectives into the language.

Customized Lessons

Whether you are keen to learn French in a group with your friends or you’d like to have private French lessons with particular needs, we can help to arrange for you a suitable teacher who will have lessons with you at your convenience!

We conduct group lessons in our school which is located in central Singapore. You can enjoy sharing useful tips with other French language buddies and learn a new language at the same time!

We also provide personalized one-to-one classes at your doorstep. You may request for lessons to be conducted at a stipulated time and venue. Be rest assured that our teachers will give you their fullest attention at every lesson!

Conducive Environment

Our French lessons are structured in a way that is fun and lively, with lots of interaction to bring the language to life. The teachers are highly approachable and are willing to go the extra mile for students. Learning French is easier when you have the support of friends and helpful teachers! We also provide certification upon completion of certain courses. You will get to maximize exposure to the language and definitely master the language with our programmes specially created for you!

Learn French In 15 Weeks Now!

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