Why is Speech and Drama the best way for learning French (For Kids)?

It is increasingly important to know a second or even third language these days. People are starting to realize that having knowledge of languages like French can be very beneficial in both their professional and personal life. Hence, many parents would choose to enrol their children in a French language school so as to build a strong foundation in French from a young age.

It is a well-known fact that children have the ability to learn new languages quickly and it is essential to develop their love for languages when they are young. A hands-on approach that involves their senses would enable them to learn at an accelerated speed.

The unique gesturing methodology in which the French language lessons are taught in our Speech and Drama lessons accelerates the effective acquisition of vocabulary and grammar structures. This is done through gestures, creative speech, songs and dances. By learning French through Speech and Drama, the children are actively participating in the learning process and they pick up dramatic, literary and creative skills while acquiring and appreciating the French language. In addition, children build social skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills through group activities and games.

Interactive activities like speech and drama, games, music play an important role in ensuring that children learn the fundamentals quickly through the following:

  •       Involvement 

Activities like speech and drama allow the kids to interact with other children and thus learn to build rapport and improve their social skills. The students learn actively and are genuinely keen to learn more as the brain would perceive such games, dances and dramatic gestures as being fun and enjoyable. The primary factor that determines how much a child can absorb in their French lessons is the amount of focus they can give to what is being taught.

  •       Visualization

As the children participate in the activities and games, there are lasting impressions in their little minds which will help them to recall the basic concepts and vocabulary of the French language. Visualization is important to imprint the concepts learnt into their memory. If the children can visualize the words they have acquired and attach mind anchors like certain gestures to words, the concepts of grammar and pronunciation will become easier to pick up when learning the structure of the French language.

  •       Teamwork

These activities in the speech and drama classes also impart the knowledge of teamwork into the children’s mindsets at a very young age. When kids role play in the class, they will understand the importance of coordinating with another actor in the drama class. It is important that children learn these life values early in their childhood.

  •       Cognitive and Personal Development

Involvement in speech and dramatic activities will not only help your child to learn French quickly, but it will also help in their overall cognitive and personal development. These activities will help in developing their oratory skills, improve their social skills and also help remove stage fright. It has also been observed that the children who take part in these activities at a young age often turn up to be good communicators later in their life. Unsurprisingly, these multi-lingual also students grow up to perform better in the SAT tests as well due to better developed linguistic ability, problem-solving skills and self-discipline.

It is necessary that children enjoy the process of learning French. In order to do so, speech and drama are the best ways in which you can help your child learn French effectively and efficiently.

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