How Do You Choose An Excellent French Language School?

With globalization pushing boundaries amongst countries, it is increasingly necessary to be multi-lingual & it is indeed easier than ever to learn a language. Whether you choose to self-study or prefer studying under the guidance of a teacher, it is important to choose a good quality French language school when you learn French.Choosing an excellent French school in your country can be a tricky task when there are plenty of choices for you to choose from. These are the factors you need to keep in mind when selecting a French Language school:

Flexibility of schedule

While selecting the school, you should check the in advance that suits your schedule. It is to be noted that you should not look to hurry through the course as it is necessary that you get your fundamentals right. French is a bit difficult language to learn so it is necessary that you keep your patience.


The Language school that you choose should be situated near your office or school. it will lessen your transport time and will be more convenient for your parents/guardian who will be driving you there.

Group versus Individual Classes

Learning French effectively would depend on your individual learning preferences. You can enrol in a school that offers you individual coaching or you can go for group classes, but both have their pros and cons. Group classes will allow you to take part in interactive sessions and improving conversational skills. As for French private classes, you can enjoy a flexible schedule and more customized lessons. Hence, do consider your individual needs before choosing Group or Private French Lessons so as to get the most out of your lessons.

Assess the teachers and how the class is being taught

You could sometimes request for a sit-in lesson to assess if the school has a teaching methodology that fits your learning style. Do also check if your choice of lesson is the specialty of the school or whether it’s an additional course introduced for earning more profits. Do your research and pick a school that has an established reputation for a good teaching methodology and experienced teachers. The teachers have to be strict yet approachable and friendly at the same time, which will create a more conducive environment to learning.

Affordability of the lessons

Another important factor that also determines your choice of French language school is the total cost of the program. Individual classes may cost you more owing to the personalized benefits that they provide, while group lessons are generally less costly. Ensure that the price of the lessons are within your means so you can avoid stressing yourself financially as you embark on your French learning journey. Do check out if the schools are offering scholarships to students and you might find that you could be qualified for one!

Ultimately, you should keep in mind the above general guidelines and determine which are the factors that are most important to you and choose a language school that will teach you French in the least amount of time.

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