Speak French Confidently like a Native

Now You Can Understand & Start Speaking French Fluently In Less Than 3 Months!

Do you love the French culture? Love the thought of being able to speak, understand and writing French confidently?

Unsure if you should choose the cheaper alternative to learn French Language by yourself or to take classes with
teachers who could guide you in mastering the language effectively?

After surveying customers who Learn French in Singapore, we expose the truth behind learning French by oneself:

Learning A New Language By Themselves Makes People Lose Interest
Quicker Than They Imagine & Spend More In Time And Money!

Why Is That So?


Learning French Without Guidance Causes Your Interest To Die Off Quickly

Many of us would know that even a genius could lose interest quickly in learning French due to these reasons:

    • Encountering difficulties while learning French on books/online & being frustrated with NOT having any guidance from a teacher.
    • Inconsistency in learning and practising the language.
    • Having to “unlearn” bad habits which slow down your progress.
    • Information overload.

Mastering French may seem challenging, but with some effort and a competent teacher, we can help you to speed up the learning curve of French by leaps and bounds.

Our dedicated French teachers are here to help you succeed in mastering the beautiful French language to achieve your objectives!


Learning French Through Efficient Methods Save You Time And Money

Mastering a new language is an uphill task for most people. During the learning process, many people tend to give up just when they are about to master the language. However, with a competent teacher, you can expect to see results in less than 3 months!

Now, compare these scenarios: Learning the French language within weeks versus struggling to figure out the French lessons in books and not seeing much progress.

With the cost of an extra cup of Starbucks coffee ($6/day for a month), you can learn French from experienced teachers who not only have the passion, but are also able to ignite your love for the language. This investment of $6 can save you the headache of fumbling through the dark when you encounter questions about French and halve the time needed to master the French language. With just $6, you can enjoy time savings of at least 10 hours a week which translates to 25 days in a year!

Imagine what you could do with an additional 25 days in a year! You could spend quality time with your family, travel around the world, achieve better grades in school and so on! Wouldn’t it be ideal to utilise the extra time saved to achieve more?

Learning French doesn’t have to be boring or frustrating! We can show you how!

What Will You Learn?

Join our French Lessons that have helped thousands of students master the beautiful French language! You will discover the fast and effective way learning in French and enjoy the lessons at the same time.

  • Techniques To Acquire The French Language Quickly
  • Conversational French and proper pronunciation
  • Ability To Read And Listen In French
  • Extensive Application Of French In Daily Situations

Our French courses are well-structured and customized to suit each individual’s learning needs while our brilliant teachers are professional, native-speaking French teachers who are teaching full-time. We will be glad to help you propel yourself further and turn your dreams of mastering French easily into reality.

Contact us now to start speaking French fluently!

Drop us an email at enquiry@learnfrenchinsingaporenow.com and contact Sally to enquire today!

Watching French movies and visiting Paris for work or leisure will have a different meaning when you can understand and speak the language yourself. Make this reality come true by contacting us now!

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