Conversational French Classes

Speak French Your Way, The Right Way

Speak French

Speak French Your Way, The Right Way

Do you desire to speak French fluently and quickly?

Being able to converse in French is a great way to enhance your life! Whether you are keen to:

Learn French In Singapore  Work or do business in Francophone Countries

Learn French In Singapore  Communicate with French-speaking relatives or friends

Learn French In Singapore  Passionate about learning to speak in French

Learn French In Singapore  Ace your French Listening & Speaking exams 

Learn French In Singapore Travel to a French-speaking country

…then look no further!

We understand how learning a new language can be frustrating or boring at times, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Learning French can be difficult when the people around you do not, hence we have designed our conversational French lessons specially for you to become a confident French speaker within weeks!

It’s not your fault that you’ve tried numerous courses to learn to speak French and have not seen any results. If a French language course is not customized to your learning needs, it’ll just be a waste of time and money!

We have just the course for you: Our French Conversational course helps you learn the basics of speaking French quickly and effectively. With further customization of the course to suit your best learning style, we are confident it can reduce your learning curve by almost half the time! 

What will you learn?

  • Phonetics & Pronunciation
  • Listening & speaking for everyday situations
  • Essential grammar
  • Some reading and writing
  • General French culture
  • Active learning through role-playing, debates and games

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