6 Guaranteed Tips to help you Learn French in Singapore Fast!

Are you trying to learn French but your progress has been slow and ineffective? Well, this article may just be the solution you need!

Being able to communicate in French will be advantageous as it is currently the second most prominent language for work, business and diplomacy. Learning French in Singapore need not be that complicated if you follow a systematic approach and follow these tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Identify your objectives before you study the language

It is ideal to know your objectives and be sure that learning French in Singapore is going to fulfil your needs. Do you want to search for career opportunities in France or Canada, prepare for the DELF exams or just love the French culture? After you have set your personal objectives, you will be ready to decide on the French lessons suitable for your needs.

Tip #2: Getting the basics right

There are different approaches to learning languages. Some prefer learning through speaking the language (auditory), some via reading (visual) and others by practicing and writing (kinaesthetic). Hence, it is essential to understand what works best for you that will help you to learn French fast.

Being a language relying heavily on listening and speaking, it is important that you get your pronunciations right while learning French. If you are among those learning French in Singapore or any other countries that are do not speak French as a main language, it is necessary that you first understand the phonetics of the most commonly used words. You will be in for some surprises as some of the syllables are different when you read it out loud versus hearing them from a native speaker. So get your basics right, speak correctly and be accurate.

Tip #3: Immersion

Image credits to http://www.sofeminine.co.uk.

Image credits to http://www.sofeminine.co.uk.

Take notes whenever you come across an unfamiliar word or a word difficult to remember. It is always advisable to write things and visualize them multiple times a day to grasp the essential phrases fast. The more you will speak, read, see and listen, the faster you will learn.

Pick up French common words and phrases from movies or songs. French musicians such as Coeur de Pirate, an Indie pop singer have contributed to great French music. It would be ideal to listen and watch the songs with bilingual lyrics subtitles. With that, you can enjoy the music and have fun learning French at the same time. Music will also help you to grasp the words more efficiently than rote learning.



Some useful online newspaper sites:
France 24 International News: http://www.france24.com/fr/
Agence France-Presse: http://www.afp.com/

Useful online guide to French culture & news bites:

Comprehensive guide to living in France: http://www.lost-in-france.com/guide
French news bites for easy reading: http://1jour1actu.com/insolite/

Tip #4: Join a French Community

There are many people in online communities and social networking websites who are looking to meet people of similar interests and start practising the language they have been learning. Hence, do take the opportunity to make new friends and improve your linguistic ability by practising to speak and write French with your fellow students. (Plus, most of your fellow course mates will not penalize you as, like you, they are still learning!)

You could look for People around the world to start practicing French or for mini lessons to start learning the fundamentals of the language here: http://www.myhappyplanet.com/ .

Tip #5: Download an App

AppMost people learn the fastest when they are relaxed and having fun, especially when the human brain does not perceive an action as a chore. When it comes to learning a new language like French, we should take the opportunity to use technology designed to help you learn the language. Apps like “French Exercises” (by Arnaud Marguerat) and “Learn French FREE – AccelaStudy®” (by Renkara Media Group, Inc.) can be downloaded into your computers, tablets and smart phones for free. These programmes help you enjoy practising French while playing games, killing two birds with one stone. Apps that help with translation such as “iTranslate”, can also be of great help when you come across new vocabulary.

Tip #6: Study at a French Language School

French is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. With increased globalization, more people are looking to migrate or move to French-speaking countries to live in. It is also a useful language in the business arena. As you dive deeper into the French culture, you could create rapport with your business partners and close deals faster by speaking in their language and lingo! Hence, French language courses are widely available in different countries. Students can choose to learn online by themselves or at schools at their own pace.

However, do note learning a language yourself makes you lose interest quicker than you can imagine & spend more in time and money; having to “unlearn” bad habits that slow down your progress. Learning with a reputable French language school can greatly speed up your learning curve especially when you have a competent teacher to guide you, structured lessons and consistency in practising.
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