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We understand that you aim to master French in the least time and most effective way. Hence, we can pave the way to your success by having these:

A Proven Teaching Methodology


Conducive Environment


Customized Lessons


Professional And Dedicated Teachers

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Our French courses are well-structured and customized to suit each individual’s learning needs while our brilliant teachers are professional, native-speaking French teachers who are teaching full-time. We will be glad to help you propel yourself further and turn your dreams of mastering French easily into reality.

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Watching French movies and visiting Paris for work or leisure will have a different meaning when you can understand and speak the language yourself. Make this reality come true by contacting us now!


Native French Teachers


Proven Teaching Methodology


Customized Lessons For Effective Learning


Conducive Enviroment


Convenient And Centralized Location


Certificates Upon Completion

  • Nerissa Tan

    Private French lessons

    Learning French without any guidance was really difficult as I was unsure if I was learning to pronounce or write correctly in the first place. After signing up for the classes with your teacher, I was able to progress in learning the language much faster, just in time for my holidays to France! I'm very happy with my teacher, who was patient and willing to go the extra mile during lessons.

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